Friday, July 1, 2011


Meandering over to The Gypsy Mama, joining the blogroll for FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS:  here is my unfettered, unadulturated post for the evening:
"Mommy and Lily Camp"-shake
tasting at local coffee hubs.
Liam, our lacrosse player- the "midi" position

Gymkhana Summer Camp! Trampolines, Zip-lines and
Climbing Walls, oh my!
Seth chose "Fwies" as his sole dinner request for his 4th birthday
Welcome.... to our summer- the season that felt like the prodigal son- having abandoned us for a long time- leaving me a little lonesome and bitter.  Summer in Pittsburgh is a rouse really- it exists to fool us into thinking that we might be able to stick it out just one more year...those five month winters, where the sky is endlessly grey and seasonal affective disorder is so much a reality to everyone that it is not really a disorder at all- just a state of being here in Western Pennsylvania- Summer makes us forget all that.  Splashing in pools, making new friends, learning new and exciting non-schooly things at camp. No bedtimes. Glorious family living.
Summer fun is falling asleep watching
a movie and getting an impromptu mask
courtesy of your pesky brother with a marker

Welcome to our summer.



Nik said...

What a lovely homage to your kind of summers :) I especially liked the prodigal reference. And I really enjoyed the pictorial that accompanied it as well :)

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