Friday, July 8, 2011


Joining the blogroll over at The Gypsy Mama for today's Five Minute Friday...Here is my unedited stream of consciousness on Grateful:

I was driving my kids to the pool today when I noticed an envelope in my purse, addressed simply to "Judy" and sealed.  Slightly befuddled and taken aback, I opened the card, at a stop light, to find lovely words from a good friend- snuck into my purse, at some point, when I wasn't looking, just because...and I've learned to recognize those "little happys", as I call them, as God.  I smiled as I thought of how blessed I am in my life- how full my days are with love, surrounded by souls who care very deeply for the path that I am trodding and their place on it with me.

My faith in God waxes and wanes, especially when times are tumultuous and full of pain.  Lately, though, what I'm finding is a God who hangs out in the muck and the mire, who stalks me until I acknowledge his presence, mostly in the darnedest places, and at such unsuspecting times- in Giant Eagle three weeks ago, in the eyes of an old friend, and at the hair salon, yesterday, in an oddly clairvoyant conversation with my leaves me weepy and in awe- that for all of the times, in the last few years, where I have felt isolated and alone, I have been guided by a force beyond my comprehension.

Tonight, I am astoundingly grateful.


Suzanne McClendon said...

Isn't it amazing the muck we can find Him in, protecting us from the things we get ourselves into?

I'm visiting from Five Minute Friday. Have a great weekend!

Julie Anne said...

ooh, little happys, I like that!! :) Grateful for seeing things as from God... because they are!! :)

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