Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Standing Ovation

We've had this coughing flu thing going around our family the last couple of weeks.  My husband is just getting over pneumonia- he's been sicker than I've seen him in the almost 17 years I've known him.  Now i've got a milder version of the same thing and I've felt wiped out for days.

This morning I had to take my three year-old for an evaluation that I'd been dreading and it was tough being at this place because I had to stare certain realities in the face that I would rather not deal with now.  I left the appointment feeling pretty down, only to have Tom call with the overwhelming news that our dishwasher had flooded our kitchen twice and we had some significant dry-wall damage to the basement ceiling, as a result. Then there was the fight between my teenage daughter and her eight year-old brother, where they were screaming during my husband's conference call and smearing icing into one another's hair...

But something inspiring happened when I arrived home, sullen and ready to cry....Tom came upstairs, gathered all the kids around, and told me how they had come to his rescue, despite the previously noted ill-behavior, and cleaned up all the water, using every towel and throw rug in our house, allowing him to keep working, and making the damage far less severe than it would have been without their quick-acting and efforts. So he and I, and Seth, gave them a standing ovation, and I felt the renewed hope that maybe, just maybe, things are going to be okay.
Finding the good in your children, when they are driving you to the brink of insanity, not only makes them feel worthy, but it also helps to ground you in your parenting and validate in your heart all that is lovely and unique in the beings you have brought forth.


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