Monday, May 9, 2011

So Much For Catchy

It is a little after 11pm.  The articles, on wellness, that have caught my eye, recently, have all suggested that the use of electronic devices should cease about an hour before bedtime.  And bedtime should be early and consistent.

I realize that I am breaking all of these rules tonight.  Just like last night. And the night before that...and the night before that.  I really am going to turn over that new leaf...

I've wanted to tell the tale of today, though, for about an hour, and the idea of sleeping on it was troublesome- mainly because I know that I won't remember what it was that made me so giddy with laughter this afternoon.  I will get caught up in breakfast dishes and driving and sweeping and homework....

And you really must hear this, friends.

Three of my children set about the business of a "Kool-Aid" stand, around 4:00.  Once things had begun to pick-up, and they realized they could make some cold hard cash from the blue liquid they were pouring, Liam came flying back into the house for some music to play in the background.  "Mommy, do you have a CD player we could borrow? We need some music to draw a crowd.  Something catchy, you know,  like what  the ice cream man does."  So I directed him to the old boom box next to my bed, which he quickly set about plugging into the outlet on the front porch.  All of a sudden I hear him screaming "Mommy- Mommy! This isn't  even good!- We can't use this- its some guy talking about letting go of stress!!!"

And that is my life in a nutshell, people.  So much for catchy.


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