Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go, Dog, Go.

I've had some frustrating times parenting my three year-old lately.  He is a lovely boy, really.  Yet, he has this temper...and sometimes he's weird.  Not unlike the rest of us, I guess.  But spending nearly twenty-four hours a day with that temper and weirdness can leave me a bit unraveled.

Today was no exception.  He has speech therapy every Wednesday, and has for almost a year now.  And he loves his speech therapist. She's good at her job.  She also gives him candy... He wanted no parts of this appointment this morning, however. And I used all manner of soft voices, loud stern voices, ultimatums, bribery, removal of privileges.  Seth did not care.  Running late, I was forced to scoop him up and stagger to the van.  This may seem like a normal task- carrying one's child to a vehicle. But you must understand- Seth is rather exceptional in stature- a virtual gigantasaurus, as we call him. Taller than 100% of all three year-olds, according to the pediatrician.  And built like a line-backer.  With his father's head (in case you don't know my husband...he has an unusually large head).  Clearly he is destined for some sort of rugged life in the future....perhaps the NFL or a career in the logging industry...or Deadliest Catch...So taking him, in arms, anywhere, is excruciating.  On the way, I sang all sorts of made-up tunes, to get him to cooperate, which, in the end, along with the scent of a gumball reward in the air, worked.

He changed his mind, fervently, twice, about what he wanted to do with the rest of the morning.  He finally settled on pretending to be a parking enforcement officer (or meter maid), and he ticketed our van, over and over, and forced me to pay an excessive amount of invisible cash to him, on the spot- (he loves the show "Parking Wars" about the Philadelphia PPA).  I weeded for a while and he chided me that I was getting booted.

I had to change gears, though, and go to the mall, to attempt to exchange my cell phone for one that works.  I am not fond of malls, especially when toting young'uns....Seth decided that he would cope with the boredom by pretending to be a dog.  There are days when my energy level would not tolerate such shenanigans.  I don't know why, really.  But I tried a new tactic and just went with it.  I let him be a dog.  I told him to "sit" and to "stay" then"come".  He could not have been more delighted.  So surprised at the fun mommy appearing in the moment for him.  And we went with this scenario until we reached home.  Then I really lost my mind and gave him water in a big bowl, to drink on all fours.  Well, I'll be damned if this kid didn't perk up and fall in love with me something fierce!

He let me order him up the stairs for his nap- and wrap him in a blanket- and read books (this doggie loves to be read to- go figure). He giggled and giggled when I told him to bark, instead of talk....then I rubbed his paws, pet him on the head, and sang him to sleep.

Everyday, my children teach me how to be a better parent to them.  Today, Seth taught me to lighten up.

Go, Seth, Go.  Good Dog!


foreverdrone said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

(Wish I could think of more to say. Your blog leaves me feeling that there is very little to be added.)

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