Friday, May 6, 2011

FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS: Motherhood Should Come With....

Conspiring with all the other followers over at The Gypsy Mama, to bring y'all five minutes of motherhood inspiration- without labored editing, pregnant pauses, regrets or burdensome obligation:

My Mom-"Granny"- with Lily, Liam and Ben-2007
One of my favorite photos-Seth-3mos.-bathing
in the kitchen sink
the pregnant belly I miss so very much-the epitome of optimism
forgiveness- for the human raising a human; a human flawed and fluttering about in the muck and mire of life, most of the time having no clue what "right" looks like; for the generations of sorrows and sickness we may carry into yet another being; for not being perfect.

peace- that we are good enough; that every minute we spend with our children in acceptance and love is as motherhood is designed- how life is sown and made rich in the blessing of unconditional freedom.

timelessness- to hold still in the joy that we breathe in naked newborn bottoms, wrinkled feet fresh from a bath, mud pies, dandelions, finger paint, homemade cards, magic kisses for boo-boos, the first "I love you Mommy", the faint drawing of breath of a child snuggled on your chest or your armpit



~Jess said...

Beautiful! Beautiful post! Beautiful pictures!

The Farmer Files said...

YES! Forgiveness!! Mothering requires so much grace!

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