Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back To The Hilarity of Humanness

All those concerned will be relieved to know that Seth has returned to the life of a human being.  He is now a police officer- specifically Officer Buckle (from Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman). 

My crazy bunch...almost 4 years ago....
Tom is on a trip so I was doing the nighttime routine with three boys at once this evening.  As we laid in Ben's big bed, each of us took a turn giving thanks to God, praying for others, and praying for ourselves.  Liam is thankful for the summer we have planned, and he is very concerned about a friend of mine who is very, very sick (as are all of us, it turns out).  Ben is thankful for his bedroom, though he spent about fifteen minutes screaming at me, for the mess on his floor, which is "all Seth's fault."  But Seth- he stole the gratitude show:  "Dear God, Thank you that dinasaurs don't eat me, my bed, and Dee-zuts (Jesus)..."



Captain Stormfield said...

While I was in college, I led a small group Bible study. One night I asked one of our guys to pray (a guy who seriously had NO sense of humor whatsoever - so I felt safe). He starts out: "Lord, please bless the nudists. Help them get some clothes or professional help, you know, whatever it is they need to get their stuff together."
He finishes up a little bit later and can't figure out why we're all cracking up. None of us knew where THAT came from and I refuse to believe it was a case of Romans 8:26.
God bless him.

drg13708 said...

Officer Buckle and Gloria was a favorite in our house. Read it to Guy Joseph many, many times! Love to read about your children's prayers. xoxo Debbie

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