Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nothin' Can Be Better Than Somethin'

It is springbreak for my kids right now.  Tom and I have had many thoughts as to how we would spend our time together with them, this weekend, when he didn't have to work.  We had planned to take them into the city, today, to explore, and to visit some historical sights.  But here's the deal folks- they didn't want a "plan."  All four of my kids just wanted to play- to hide and hunt Easter eggs until they were too pooped to pop, ride their bikes around the block- racing to see who was the fastest, teaching their little brother to pedal and laughing with him as he continously drove off of the sidewalk.  They wanted to watch T.V. and play card games with my Dad, until they were so tired they fell asleep in the livingroom.

So we nixed the big picture and focused, instead, on the joy of pure, unadulturated, play.  We middle-class adults, in the twenty-first century, often forget what that is like- we want to provide fun for our kids that they really don't want or need.

I am again reminded that nothing is often better than something.  Hands Down.  Thanks kids.  You are forever my best teachers in the class of parenting and life..


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