Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lies We Tell Our Children

The Pittsburgh MothUp has another event coming up on April 27th.  The topic of the evening will be "Lies We Tell Our Children."  I have had the great privilege of getting picked as one of the storytellers each month, since its inception in January, and despite my great fear of public speaking, I am hoping for yet another opportunity in two weeks.

I have quietly pondered the topic of lying to my kids....trying to find an anecdote, to fit the theme, that is lively and, of course, as per the MOTHup rules, TRUE (rather ironic isn't it? a true lie?).  I don't lie to my kids.  I try very hard not to lie at all, actually.  But I don't lie to my kids.  I love them too much.  And they trust me. Sometimes, though, I find myself answering inquiries of theirs, with less than accurate information, because I don't know the right response, or because they aren't of an age that is appropriate for more complex detail, or, sadly, because I am in a hurry.  

Yesterday morning, Seth came trotting into our bedroom, wanting to talk about "Sam", my parents' dog.  "Mommy," he said "Sam dead?"  "Yep, he died, babe, about a year ago."  "Why he die, Mommy?"  "Because he was old, honey."  "Where is he?"  ummmmmm....."He's in heaven with God," I said, pretty confidently.  "How he get there, Mommy?"  "Uh....Well...his spirit went to be with God but his body stayed here (then,  I silently prayed he wouldn't ask where his body went)."  "Mommy, where God and heaven?"   "'S IN THE SKY, SETH...HEAVEN IS IN THE SKY."  I don't really believe that heaven is in the sky, though I do think of it that way, forty years of age.  I don't know how to describe where heaven is located....I am certain it exists...I believe that God is hanging out there...But I'm not so evolved, spiritually, that I can pinpoint a definitive place or space or new agey kind of area that souls reside.  And I haven't memorized enough scripture to remember whether the Bible points to the geographic location of this most sacred paradise, either.  

Apparently satisfied with my explanation, Seth went running off to his big brother Ben, to repeat my words of wisdom, then, with great fervor, he shouted "BEN- GOD IS IN THE SKY...IN HEAVEN....WHEN WE GO TO GRAMMA'S HOUSE, DO YOU THINK SHE LIVES NEAR THE SKY?"


Mrs B said...

Hi! I was checking out the NaBloPoMo site to see what was coming up and stumbled upon this post. I'm so glad that I did. I feel a bit like a stalker, but I've really enjoyed reading through some of your past posts.

More than a few brought to mind the many times over the years where I found myself hesitating with an answer to an unexpected question. My oldest is a grown woman now and my youngest is "up in the sky" with God (and Sam).

I don't recall that I ever lied to my children, but I suppose I altered my share of explainations for some of the things that I wasn't quite prepared to answer.

So, at any rate, I'm a new follower and I just wanted to say hello. I'd love to have you stop by sometime and poke around. I post a lot of family friendly recipes.

~Mrs B

Judy Ollerenshaw Sombar said...

Hi, Mrs. B! I celebrate your "following" (or stalking) me with fervor....I write to journal my life for myself and for WELCOME. thanks for your kind words and I will, of course, check out your site. I could use some family friendly recipes...clearly!

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