Thursday, April 14, 2011

God's GPS

Goofy and "the lion"- undaunted
by the cancellation of their fun
Thoughts for the road tonight:

Life can be so infuriating seems like there is always something that causes a seemingly smooth day to go awry.  Tonight Tom's car ran out of gas (no comment), which caused the plans of everyone in our family to be completely ruined.  We had a paper route to complete, swimming, a play date....My first inclination was to be very bitter with him, but over the last year I have begun to see the obstacles on our path as less random than what they appear.   I have been trying, every time I get stuck in traffic, or the keys get locked in the car, or we get lost on the way to our destination, to view these frustrations as ways in which God steers us away from more difficult circumstances, even danger.  Maybe my plans are simply not what He had in mind.  Maybe there are people whose paths we are to cross, whom we would otherwise never know, if our schedule went as we had designed.  Perhaps, more seriously, we would have met our demise from a reckless driver or a downed tree or a deer in the road....we may never know this side of heaven, but it seems like a reasonable explanation to me.  It is possible that life really is just a lot of set-backs or coincidences, that my faith is planted firmly in a bunch of hooey, but, by taking a different perspective from the usual stance of the victim, I find that I am better able to cope and be at peace with situations which, in the past, have caused me to feel  immense stress or to lose my composure all together.

I guess God's GPS is better than my own, which, in the end, is a good thing.


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