Friday, April 1, 2011

Funny Friday With My Three Year Old

Swim trunks and snow
boots: gotta love
Pittsburgh in April
I took Seth swimmng this morning, at the gym.  To encourage him to continue to put his face in the water, I bought him his first set of goggles- the frames of which are shaped like frogs.  Due to his exceptionally large head (inherited from his father), the straps had to be maxed out, and his eyes still looked rather smooshed together. 

Seth, the goggle-eyed trash collector
In the shallow end of the pool, there are several small geysers that the little ones can play in or run through.  At one point, Seth sat on top of one and seemed to be straining a bit.  I thought to myself "Oh, man, he is going to poop in his diaper and that is going to ruin this whole experience..."  With dread, I asked him what he was doing and he announced, so everyone in the pool could hear, "I trying to plug up my butt with the water, mommy."  I had to laugh at that one.

He was so excited about his new eye wear that he wore them home.  Once we arrived, Seth decided that he was going to pretend to be a trash man and bring our trash cans back from the curb into the garage.  "Mommy, garbage mans wear goggles they go swimmin'?"  "I bet they do, babe," I said 

Then he walked into the house and asked to use the potty, which he hasn't been willing to do in a long time.  He demanded that he use the "big boy potty" and, with an impromptu lesson on aiming the penis, he proceeded to pee like a champ. 


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