Friday, April 29, 2011

FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS: If I knew I could I would...

I would live life in the present, without regretting the past, or romancing the past; I would focus on today- this moment- all I have- and I would run with it.  I would buy us all one way tickets to a vast expanse on the water and we would just stop what we were doing and we would go- no doubts- no worries- no "what ifs".  I have had enough of those, you know- the "what ifs."  they plague me like a cancer in my soul.  they follow me...and I'm sick of them.  the "what ifs" that force me to leave this moment.

I would take us to a beach- deserted of all but the soliloquies of seagulls and the tide coming in- and I would watch them run- the kids- and fly kites- and skip stones.  And none of us would have labels or files or medical histories- nothing to say that we were anything but whole and wondrous and blessed.  And I would run after them.  Once we tired, we would collapse in a pile on the sand...laughing...smiling...

If I knew I could I would not be afraid.  I would not be afraid.  I would live



Mrs B said...

I so enjoy coming here and catching up since my last visit. Your posts are always thought provoking and beautifully honest.

I've had similar thoughts about what I would do, if I could. Sometimes the days go by and I wonder where they all went. Nobody goes slow enough to enjoy the journey anymore....

Have a lovely weekend,
~Mrs B

Patty Ann said...

I too, thought about a beach when I first heard this challenge. I have always dreamed of living in a light house on the rugged coast. Love your thoughts today.

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful post...I could smell the sea and hear the laughter. You write so well. The ending of your post...everyone falling into the sand...was perfect.
I just tried the 5-minute challenge for the first time this week too and really enjoyed writing without stopping to edit and over-anayze every word.
Have a nice weekendm,

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