Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Minute Fridays: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Veggie Sushi- Yum
Silliness-Liam and Ben meditating

Wasabi! The more the better!
Inspired by today's topic from The Gypsy Mama, here are a few of my favorite things:

Ben's dimples and watching him do flips on the trampoline thinking that he'll probably be in the olympics one day or some extreme sporting event because he has incredible natural athletic talent;
Looking over at Liam this afternoon and seeing how tall and handsome he has gotten and noticing how gentle his spirit is
Saying yes to my kids, when I'm tempted to say "no" and I don't really know why I'm saying "no" except we mothers often say "no".  I like when I take a risk on something new and say "yes."
My friends who are attached to my spirit with strings and who love me no matter what
Seeing birds after a long winter, even the one here that is not ending
Veggie Sushi, Lots of Wasabi, and time to myself, even if it is in the cafe of our local grocery store


Anonymous said...

I love the run-on rejoicing of your words! And veggie sushi??? Right up my alley - am vegetarian too, and LOVE me some creamy-hot wasabi!
Snagged your link via The Gypsy Mama - glad I did.
blessings -
Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

The Farmer Files said...

Yeah....I go to my happy place when I say yes rather saying no for no reason to the kids. Ha. They grow so fast!

Christie said...

I love the happiness of this post, the little things that bring you joy! And veggie sushi? I must have some.

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