Monday, April 11, 2011


my funny kid

This morning, as I was getting Seth dressed to go out for a while, he went into our linen closet and pulled out a pack of maxi pads and said "Mommy, what ARE dese?"  "'ll tell you later, babe, we gotta get going..." "Mommy, dey you diapers?"  "No, Seth, come on."  "Mommy what are dey?" "MOMMMMMY WHAT ARE DEY?!" "Mommmy, I wanna wear dose diapers...I wear dem Mommy?" "You put one on me, Mommy?"

So, later, at the store, Seth shouts "MOMMY- YOU WEARING A DIAPER! MOMMY WEARING A DIAPER!"


Captain Stormfield said...

So I happened across your blog about a month ago and I'm loving your insight! Thanks for sharing your interesting experiences!

If it makes you feel better, my dad tells a story about when he was seven and went with his mom to the store. She asked him to go get some napkins that would be good for when they had company. He comes back waving a package in the air, "ARE THESE WHAT YOU WANTED MOMMY? ARE THESE? THEY'RE SANITARY!"

Judy Ollerenshaw Sombar said...

Hi... Thanks for your kind words...Your story is way funnier than mine. I laughed out loud, in public, about the "sanitary" napkins. That tale deserves to be told at a storytelling event, like the MOTH (google them online) or on your blog!

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