Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bean Sprouts

One of the many Wondrous Holes In The Wall In Pittsburgh
One of the blessings that came to pass, in the fall, shortly after I began an intensive outpatient program for anxiety/panic attacks, was our approval, by a local non-profit organization, to receive respite care for our children.  Though hours are hard to come by, Tom and I have gotten some much needed alone time, about once a month, since November.

Today we chose to spend our hours, sans children, in the city, starting with a visit to The Spice Island Tea House in Oakland.  If you were to wander by this delightful spot, on a whim, you would surely keep going, as all appearances suggest "herein lies a dump..."  But as most of us culinary enthusiasts are aware, some of the best eatin' to be had is camouflaged by less than spectacular surroundings. 

I stumbled upon this joint, in the company of a fellow urban girl, in the middle of a work day, having to brave both parallel parking a mid-size family vehicle, and the narrow walls of this hole in the wall of Thai cuisine.  After one bite of their Pad Thai, however, I was hooked and knew my hubby would be too. 

Spice Island Fried Tofu with Bean Sprouts-yummy
For starters we dined on Burmese Squash Fritters (I am no fan of squash, but these were sensational) and the Sumatran Corn and Shrimp Fritters.  As an entree, I chose the Spice Island Fried Tofu, with sate peanut sauce and bean sprouts while Tom inhaled his curry chicken.

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at tents....where we will sleep with our children, under the stars, some day, eating nothing as yummy as what was on today's menu......



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