Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words....

Lillian Marie Sombar, Age 13
We haven't had portraits taken of our children, professionally, in a long time.  Most parents with multiple children will tell you that there is nothing more arduous than trying to get a bunch of squirrely kids to smile all at once, or at least sit still.  Then there are the coordinating outfits and waiting for the pictures to be ready. Next there is the inevitable disappointment when, out of two hundred shots, only one really rocks your world, and even then you are probably just exhausted and missing the fact that your son has a booger and the photographer didn't crop the picture correctly. 
Seth Paul Sombar, Age 3
Liam Michael Cleveland Sombar, Age 10
My children behaved in a miraculous fashion, as if Christ himself was taking the pictures.  Though, Seth, my three year-old, did see fit to strike up a conversation, out loud, with himself, using just the word "booba" (vulva), over and over again.  The college age photographer, having no idea what my son was talking about, said "booba? what's a booba? I don't know dude....Okay, say booba!!!" f-l-a-s-h. Tom and I just stared at one another, silently wondering how we ended up here, then fell over laughing.
Benjamin Thomas Sombar, Age 8
 Things were so much easier when you just plopped your babies on a blanket, then bought every darn picture, because,...well, were in love...with your gene pool. Today everyone had to play the peanut gallery when it was time to choose which poses to purchase. There was no shortage of boasting about how good they thought they looked.  "Oh, yeah, I totally look hot there, mommy. Buy that one." (quote from child who will go unnamed).

So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, here are my FOUR THOUSAND WORDS.  Enjoy!


Lori said...

Wonderful pictures, Judy! I love them and that reminds me we are overdue for our annual family photographs. Oh, joy. ;)

jen said...

Very nice pics!

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