Saturday, December 25, 2010

Images of Christmas Morning

Seth and Lily- Snuggle Buddies.  Lily herded the kids this morning
and woke me up in the early hours.  She and her brothers had been
practicing for this morning all week long.  Seth would get so excited when
Lily got home from school everyday, begging "plead Leely-plead pay
Pitmat Eeb Bame (please, Lily, please play Christmas Eve Game).

The Calm Before The Storm- Tom nails sheets over all the doorways,
every year, so the kids can't peek during the night.  This creates a frenzy
in the morning, of course, with all the kids lined up behind the barricades.
Tom and I snuck into the livingroom. lit the fireplace, and enjoyed a few
minutes of peace before the stampede.  We love Christmas through
the eyes of our children!

The Much Coveted Lego Harry Potter Castle....A total fluke to have
found it after many many weeks of searching online and in stores.
My mom discovered it, misplaced, on the bottom shelf in the Lego
section of Walmart.  I nearly passed out.  Liam is convinced that
he needs a longer Christmas break in order to finish building it.

The Tractor- Seth has wanted this and talked about
it for months.  I was most excited about this gift because
I knew it would bring him so much joy.  He has yet to
master the art of driving it without running into
the furniture and his family members, however.
The Droid- which again makes me far inferior in techno
gadgets to my 13 year old daughter.  sigh.

The Zigs, which are too small.  Unfortunately
the next size up is $25.00 more. 

Upgraded DSi XL, to replace broken DSi- this got a squeal

concentrating hard on the Lego Power Miners- on top of
my kitchen counters, which would normally be a "no-no"

Freeing Dobby- first to be completed of castle components

figuring out the Droid- excited not to be using the 7 year
old hand-me down phone anymore

Tom enjoying his chance to sit and hang out with his family, even though
 his wife crushed him at the Wii game we were playing..

Our new big screen TV, donated by a wonderful friend.


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