Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Letter To My Teenager

My Dearest Lily,

In just a few short hours you will make a grand entrance into adolescence, with all of your intellect and beauty surrounding you.  You are wise beyond your years, and a spirit unmatched by anyone I've ever met.  The pride I take in being your mother is unfathomable- as you glide through your days with such grace and fortitude.  There are countless moments when I marvel that a young woman such as you could have developed within my being and burst forth with so much potential- so much to offer the world....

At the start of the school year, this year, you had to write a piece about something you'd accomplished....and I watched, bewildered, as you struggled to name something- those which I can see so clearly as gifts of your spirit which set you apart- make you the wonder that you are.  You wrote about modeling for Martha Stewart, back in kindergarten, and I hung my head....because, while that certainly is an interesting piece of trivia about your life, thus far, it says nothing of your brilliance- how everything you strive to do, you do with such passion and fervor, always giving your best.  You don't recognize the gift you have at creating masterpieces with your writing and with your amazing culinary skills- all the cakes and pies you bake from scratch- with every last detail given all of your attention. 

I sometimes sit back and stare at you- trying to absorb this daughter whom I love so intensely- love I could not imagine before they placed you in my arms and I memorized every detail of your face- how familiar you looked-how miraculous your life was to me.  And every day of your life, since then, how I've ached for you, longed to be with you, poured all of my finest work into nurturing you. 

I have often said that you are a girl I would have wanted as a best friend when I was your age.  And you are a girl that I want for my daughter always.  No matter what. 

Lily baking her homemade macaroni and cheese for
As you celebrate your thirteenth year on this earth, my hopes for you are that you remain true to yourself, to your dreams.  Don't settle for second rate anything.  And know that your mother is wildly imperfect but loves you to the moon and back and there is nothing you could do better to make me love you any more than I already do. 



jen said...

Very nice! <3

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