Monday, November 29, 2010

A Decade With Liam

I have three sons.  People often comment, when the boys are together, that they all look alike.   I ponder this and silently disagree.  As their mother, I view them through the eyes of my spirit- and it is through those eyes that I see the depths of their personalities- how each one was woven by God to be unique and gifted in their own way. 

My first son arrived three years and four days behind his sister Lily.  I'd been expecting another girl.  During labor, I talked to my belly, encouraging it to be kind to me, "Maggie- its mommy- you can do this babe...let's make this a quick one..." And perhaps, out of annoyance for my lack of androgyny, he sat in my birth canal until I nearly collapsed from exhaustion.  Seventeen hours and twenty three minutes after my water broke, I helped to ease him forth, into this world, and was shocked to discover a beautiful baby with the biggest testicles I'd ever seen (who will one day either love me for boasting of this or be completely mortified that I chose to announce such a thing on the web).  A boy.  Liam Michael Cleveland .

The first year was a bit rough, trudging through the muck that is food allergies and related ear infections, until I was eating only about five different foods so that my milk would be tolerable to his sensitive digestive tract.  (Proof that a mother's love can endure most anything).  Shortly thereafter, he was such a joy  that his semi-retarded parents made the hasty decision that a third baby would be a great way to mix things up. Silly us. But that's a story for another month- another boy.

My husband's traditional gift to each of our children, upon
rising on their birthday, a breakfast item in the shape of
their age.  This year, as you can see, we slummed it a bit
with the frozen waffles.  But an honor nonetheless.

Right from the start, Liam was an "old soul."  You could see in his eyes that he embodied the wisdom of a thousand years.  At a conference, when he was in preschool, his teachers proclaimed that he was the most intuitive child they'd ever encountered- he just seemed to know how other children were feeling and how to help them when they were angry or sad.  And today, this ten year-old is just as he was then- mature beyond his years- carrying a sixth sense in the shadows where he often works, shying away from the center of attention, preferring to stand cautiously in the background, taking in all of the world around him,while weaving with his stunning attention to detail, a web full of  creativity and remarkable compassion.  He holds the mind of an inventor, an engineer of spectacular objects and story lines.  Liam is an artist, a lacrosse player, and a loyal friend, brother, and amazing child of mine.  I cannot imagine my world without him.  That I lived thirty years without his presence is mind-boggling. While there were indeed times, some years back, maybe around age two or three or four, when I envisioned him a serial killer, he has left those tendencies behind to be embraced by a younger sibling, who will go unnamed for now.

Happy 10th Birthday to you, Liam, a most treasured boy, for whom I hold hopes for a future of splendor- of endless possibilities and continued strength to forge a path capable of holding all of your dreams and the perseverance to see them to fruition.  "I love you more than you love me...", every minute of every day.


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