Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lily The Poet

She's got her father's red hair and her great-grandmother's sea-green eyes, but she has inherited my passion for writing.  This has been a difficult month for our family but I thought I would share Lily's piece because it amazes me.....

100% Me
by Lillian Sombar
If you happen to be looking for me
Here is where you can start.
I will be anywhere and everywhere,
Out in the open or in the shadows.
On the stage or behind the curtain.
You can find me anywhere and nowhere,
Any day or any night.

You can find me by an open fire
That warms me like melting butter on toast.
As the night cools while roasting marshmallows,
Watching them heat and catch fire.

You may find me here, then there,
Then back here, for a week,
There for a year.
Here, there, everywhere.

You may find me by the counter,
Mixing together a vat of chocolaty goodness.
As I wait for them to cool, the wonderful aroma of chocolate
Makes my mouth water, creating a tsunami,
Wiping out all of my taste buds.

I might be hiding down carpeted steps
Across the frozen wood floors, to the right, through the loud door
And under the covers being another side of
Me, worrying over something so small.

Loopy loops maybe for Lou
but you will never find me there
Maybe the next one over,
With the super speed, for a short second long.

You can definitely see me drinking steaming hot
Milk chocolate hot chocolate,
With a tower of whipped cream piled high on top of the warm mug,
As I sit lazily in the chestnut brown leather chair
With my eyes glued to the TV,
Wondering what will happen next.

You can find me in the cafeteria
at the long table full of chattering girls.
Wondering what's going on here, there,
What's going on in math or English.
Doing what friends do best, being true.

On cold winter nights, I will never shiver,
Never chatter with my silk-like throws,
with the warmth of the sun.
Or in summer, having a slumber party with friends,
Pinkie swearing everything we say will not leave the room.
And as the night creeps on,
our secrets bounce from person to person.
We sip Sprite and demolish potato chips,
As we all watch a breath-taking adventure
We'll never forget.

Unlike you, its all me
Never changing, never the same.
100% me.


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