Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pajama Day

Today is "Pajama Day" at the elementary school where my two oldests boys attend.  My fourth grader, Liam, has decided that this tradition will be going on without his participation-"Yeah, I am NOT wearing pajamas to school, MOMMY!!"  Benjamin, however, who is in second grade, could not wait for this privilege, donning a comfy yet cool red thermal Star Wars get-up. 

Once we began walking, Ben got a little nervous, though, and kept asking me to assure him that it was indeed pajama day- the obvious embarassment he would face, given some mistake on my part, beginning to concern him. 

Ben has quite a few friends in the upper grades, which he normally thinks is fantastic, especially when they include him in their football games on the playground.  But this morning, upon his arrival in front of the school, they laughed at him and his p.j.'s-  and we all know how that feels, he ran after me- crying his eyes out. 

I held him for a minute, promised that I'd go back home and get his regular clothes if I needed to, but first I asked him to be brave, hold his head up, it is "pajama day" and who cares about all of the party poopers who didn't want to participate- so he and I, and his little brother Seth, marched into the school, and to his class, where we found all of his seven year-old buddies, and the teacher, all decked out in sleepwear, just like him. 



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