Sunday, September 5, 2010

Harriet Tubman Part 2: Only In The Life Of A Sombar

Okay- I just have to tell this little a side note to my ramblings about ol' Harriet, earlier today.

My children were playing some carnival games this afternoon.  You know the ones- you spend an absurd amount of cash to maybe go home with a stuffed animal, or a blow-up machine gun, most likely made in some sweat shop somewhere....but these are the moments our kids will we do it anyway...

Well, Lily had popped a balloon in the dart game so she got to choose a framed picture....and here is where the story gets dicey....My daughter is not the most decisive human being on the planet, and there was a line, and the dude behind the counter was beginning to look she grabbed something....

Oh know this is going to be good, right?!

She turned around and handed me a Confederate Flag.  A CONFEDERATE FLAG, PEOPLE!!! (AND ONE WHICH SAID "GET 'ER DONE", to make matters worse)....I nearly collapsed in horror, immediately forcing her to return the prize for a more appropriate replacement (her choices were rather slim- a playboy bunny silhouette, a John Deere tractor...your basic nightmare). 

In her defense, of course, Lily had no idea what that flag represents- she knows about racism, from a historical perspective, but she's grown up away from the kind of folks who might find the display of such a symbol to be a nice decorative touch to their homes or their mudflaps or their bandannas.  She was a bit confused by my negative reaction, though not after the impromptu civil rights lesson we had on the sidelines, a few minutes later. 

Yesterday, when I first glanced over at this particular game booth, and saw the picture of the flag, I quipped to my husband "who would want that?  don't they know this is 2010 and Confederate Flags are hateful?  what is wrong with people?"   And here we nearly ended up with one.....
Lily is now the proud owner of a Robert Pattinson (from the Twilight series)photograph, which she claims not to like....but I think I know better than that.


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