Sunday, August 15, 2010


I love words....words that have melodies when they roll off of your tongue, words that earn me mega points when I play scrabble (and I play with a VENGEANCE), words that take my day from ho-hum to radiant.  I am a sucker for words.

My three year-old is beginning to like words and pronounce them so that they are intelligible to people other than his mother.  This is wonderful, given the worry that has gone into his inability to do so up until recently.  He's been diagnosed with severe expressive communication disorder- which basically means, in layman's terms, that my son has all the words stored in his brain, he understands everything you say, but he has difficulty taking his thoughts and communicating them with dialog. 

Recently he's begun to increase his vocabulary so that he now uses four to six word sentences.  Tonight, as I laid him down to put his pajamas on (one of  his least favorite activities), Seth says to me, with fervor, "Mommy- you a DUMBHEAD." 

One of our all-time favorite word games- Bananagrams!
We have enjoyed playing this, many times, with Granny,
on our front porch, this summer. 
I would have preferred "Mommy, I love you so much" or "Mommy, you are the best," but I suppose I will accept the triumph in this, and be grateful for the progress it represents.  I did bother to tell him that "dumbhead" is not a nice word and that he needed to say "sorry" to me for being mean.  Deep down, though, hearing his opinions, as they come through in words, and not whining and hitting, is a beautiful thing. 

By the way, as a bonus, I'm thinking that D-U-M-B-H-E-A-D, with decent points for the D's, B, and H, along with a triple word score, might possibly just win me the game.  :)


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