Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a Good Night Looks Like Right Now...

The Sombar parents had a date last night (do I hear "oohs and ahs"?  I should).  My husband, nearly at the end of his rope, for about the 1200th time since we produced child #1, swept me away at the last minute, to a movie, which I've been waiting to see :  The Kids Are Alright.  I love Annette Benning and I love Julianne Moore, and them loving each other just seemed like a good plot to me.  But here's the kicker....that I forgot about....Mark Ruffalo plays a starring role in this fabulous flick.  And if you don't know Judy Sombar that well, then you may not know that Mark Ruffalo does things for me that I just can't describe on here.  Tom, my endearing and tolerant husband, just smirked, as I nearly catapulted out of my seat, watching Mr. Ruffalo unbuckle his jeans...."Oh, baby its gonna be a good night for us....,"  I said, giving new meaning to the words "hot" and "bothered."

High on those vibes, we arrived home, not only to the snoring sounds of all four children, but to the slightly mysterious but miraculous news, that when our 7 year-old son, Benjamin, got bored, earlier in the evening, and no longer cared to watch TV with his siblings, he got up from his chair in the living room and....are you ready for this...he washed the dishes.  HE WASHED THE DISHES PEOPLE- BY HAND-VOLUNTARILY-WITHOUT BEING POKED OR PRODDED OR THREATENED WITHIN AN INCH OF HIS LIFE.  AND WE HAVE A DISHWASHER...

Now that is what I call a good night!


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