Monday, August 23, 2010

Project Linus

Somewhere East of Pittsburgh, there is a kind woman who made a fleece blanket, with construction signs and a beautiful crocheted edge, and donated it to Project Linus-a wonderful organization of volunteers who give of their time and effort so children who are in crisis can feel warm.  I know of this woman, and this blanket, because it is wrapped around my three year-old son, Seth, right now, as he sleeps.  He was the recipient of this amazing gift, back in June, when I had to rush him to the Emergency Room, grotesquely swollen from a bee sting.  Those hours were brutal- watching his face blow up about ten times the normal size, his teeth and tongue protruding...I thought I might lose him on the drive there. 

He was so excited that he got to keep "the struction banket" and the joy it brought to him was such a gift on that very scary evening.

The world is a much better place, for all of us, because it is made up of people who care and give- and even the simplest things can make such a difference...


Bonnie said...

When we were at Deer Valley this summer, all of the campers were encouraged to bring some fleece and make a blanket- I took the kids to JoAnn's on our way to camp and we each picked a fabric (Bill would have helped, but he decided to ride his bike the 100 miles to camp) and made blankes for Project Linus. We all had a great time, and they'll be thrilled to know that someone they know has one of the blankets! (We didn't choose a construction fabric....sorry!)

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