Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Laps With Lily

Um...yeah....TOTALLY PRICELESS....took my incredible daughter to the high school track to start her running career.  She's thinking of joining the cross-country team.  And she's never run in her life, really, at least not as a sport in and of itself.  This was a fairly last minute decision on her part, the first practice being next Monday. 

I added the "bonus" of running the
bleachers, which is part of my regular
routine these days, when I do my
"long haul" on the weekends.  She was
not amused- and I'm surprised, once she
realized that people were in the stands,
that she didn't bail on me...you know,
being twelve, and having to be seen
 in public, running with your "not so
athletic"mother....gotta give her props
for that.
So I agreed to the pricey shoes (Tom, that husband who was breathing with some pain over the gluten-free grocery bill, will need CPR tomorrow night, from the shoe bill). Then I lost my mind and agreed, like a good mother, to provide the necessary encouragement- i.e. running along side of her (and despite my recent exercise phenomena, this is still laughable). And of course, friends, this encouragement, just had to start tonight.   So there I am, exhausted from my day, 8:30pm, looking like a dump truck had just run me over- hauling my sorry self, around that track, either shaking my head at the fact that she was going too fast and was going to burn out, or telling her to pick up the pace as she slugged it behind me.  And all this in front of a crowd watching a soccer game- like I really needed an audience for extra humiliation. 

In the end, though, I love this girl and I'd humiliate myself all over again to be her sidekick.  I couldn't help but smile- knowing that she's the exact age that I was, when I first wanted to do what she's doing, and I didn't have half the guts that she's got, so I didn't. 

 'Guess there's no time like the present....and no better reason than her.


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