Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tonight's meal- none too shabby
if I do say so myself.
I am experimenting again- this time removing gluten from our diets in an effort to lessen some of the troubling symptoms certain of my children are experiencing at this time.  It is a radical move, and one made with great trepidation on my part- most of the mass market processed food, that makes my job easier on certain evenings, contains gluten.  Pizza contains gluten.  Need I say more?

While die-hard GF advocates may argue with me on this, eating in such a purposeful and conscious way is very expensive.  I've never seen a food bill like the one I paid yesterday.  Never.  Ever.  Trader Joe's on Penn Avenue is building a new wing in our honor. Tom is still breathing, though very deeply, and with some pain.

In two hours I may retreat and call it quits.  My commitment to the removal of wheat from this household is teetering on the brink as we speak.  I like wheat.  And I like the convenience of American foods made with wheat.  Especially the kind that my kids can fix themselves- at around 10pm, when they are supposed to be dreaming, but have the munchies and are watching a movie.  Not to mention, there are larger issues that I haven't even begun to deal with- like my kids eating at other people's homes and parties...  If you've ever removed a large food category from your diet you will know that its pretty much all or nothing- and many offenders can take a long time to leave your system, even once you have eliminated them.  Dairy takes roughly two weeks, it is believed.  Gluten may take longer.  

Gluten intolerance is a fairly hot topic right now- for those of us who pay attention to that sort of thing.  If you have Celiacs Disease or symptoms related to the consumption of wheat products, you are fully aware of its far reaching consequences.  And medical testing for allergies is not all that reliable, from what I understand.  Thus, the experimentation phase- the trial and error, the let's just see what happens if...  Success can change lives- and even if we're only marginally "successful", it will most certainly change ours. 
Liam, looking a bit weird,
but he's eating a homemade
nugget, friends.  He can
look as weird as he wants.

Tonight I garnered all the motivation I could muster and made a gluten-free meal, from scratch.  On the menu was chicken, battered with a homemade mixture of crushed almonds/cashews, spices, rice flour and organic/free-range eggs, along with sides of polenta, garlic mashed potatoes, spinach salad, strawberries and gf cupcakes from a bakery for dessert.  And miracle of miracles, Liam, the pickiest eater on the planet, devoured the chicken (and this child eats about six things- McDonalds' nuggets, carrots, a variety of fruits, chips & salsa, pretzels, and yoplait creamy key lime yogurt).  I could have fainted or cried or both.  

No one was any the wiser that these
cupcakes were gluten-free.  And if you
can make 'em good, and sell 'em, you'll
be rich.  Trust me. 
Tomorrow I will probably give-up.  And the boys are out and about, most likely undoing the diet, indulging in every wheat product imaginable (anyone who knows the Sombar children, has fed them- they are vultures).  I neglected to inform 3 of my kids of "the new plan"- figuring food anarchy would take over and I'd have hell to pay. Lily knows- but she got an extra cupcake so she's quiet- for now.  


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