Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simple Happys

Sometimes I take my puppy's paws in my fingers and stroke them, quietly observing how he we both relax at this kind of nurturing. It is a simple happy. I feel that way around a short list of people in my life. Where I can be in their presence and feel totally at peace.

There is a woman in Old Town, Alexandria (Virginia) named Yvette Stickell. If you ever run into her, you should know that you've just been graced by one exceptional human being. I told her that today, and she seemed surprised- she's one of those women that has no clue how amazing she is, every minute of every day. She was my neighbor some years back. She and her husband rescued our former block from its remaining crack house and proceeded to become good friends of ours. Life has changed quite a bit since then, in ways that neither one of us could ever have imagined. We would not have chosen these destinies. Our stories would have been prettier, with nice clean margins and no swear words.

Yvette has managed to carve a life out of shards of broken dreams and gut punches, where the rest of us may have just called it quits. In my book, that gives her clout beyond the arguments any med schools or pharmaceutical reps might proffer. So, when she suggested, the other day, that she work with me, long distance, on some stress relief, I quickly shut up and just listened. There were pieces of heaven in her voice as she guided me through deep breathing, and I immediately thought that if this lady were to ask me to summit Everest, in order to feel better, I'd be on my way to Tibet right now.

Today I am grateful for simple happys. And for not having to climb thousands of feet into the air, on rocky, icy terrain, risking life and limb with an oxygen mask attached to my frost bitten nose. I think I've got enough on my plate as it is.


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