Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scenes From Mother's Day

I'm not a big fan of the "Hallmark" holidays- they tend to cause more stress than they are worth, in my opinion. I try to downplay them around here and urge my family to resist the big formalities and just hang out with me instead. So,this morning I permitted myself to lay in bed and read (fiction, for a change) for several hours, took the puppy out more times than I'd like to recount, soothed hurt feelings and banged up noggins (as usual), cleaned the third bathroom (I could not wait for the hubby to get around to it), vacuumed, surveyed my backyard which had been lovingly mowed by Lily and marginally picked-up by the rest of my brood. We played the game of "Life" together, while Seth resisted his nap and screamed his head off (then climbed out of his crib and joined us- buck naked). We took Bob, our very large 6mo. old puppy, to the dog park, where he was put in his place by an assertive diva of a Husky, for about 40 mins ('til his tongue could no longer stay put inside his mouth and he just laid down and sighed).
We all got ice cream cones from Bruesters (including a doggie sundae for Bob), came home and had sandwiches for dinner. Lily serenaded me on her saxophone- all 106 measures of some Irish jig, while Bob attempted to jump onto the dining room table, Seth hollered "poop!" a thousand times, Ben played dangerously with a rubber band, Liam talked endlessly of the meal he'd made himself (I don't do the short-order cook thing, so if he won't eat what I fix, he must make a substitution himself), and Tom appeared to be fading into the "exhausted father blackhole." I then firmly instituted the 7:30 bedtime for all humans under my roof and kissed them all, leaving them to all of their usual nighttime mischieviousness.

I don't have more nice photos to accompany this play-by-play because the battery was dead in my camera (Tom captured the dog's tongue pose via his phone). I couldn't get anyone, including the dog, to sit still anyway, so it is just as well.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there who has done the hard work of parenting and still has the energy to log on and read this blog.


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