Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rhythm Routine and God

My husband and I had a rare and wonderful date tonight- we drove to Squirrel Hill for some curry at our favorite Thai Restaurant. As it was not yet sundown, there were quite a few Orthodox Jews walking the sidewalks with their children. I find their customs fascinating, though I know very little of their origin (more information can be found here). Other than coveting the idea of wearing a wig (no bad hair days, people), I mostly think I am attracted to the rhythm and structure of their days, according to the Torah and Jewish Law.

Growing up in a protestant church, some of the beauty of staunchly held religious tradition was lost for me, I think. Though I understand the reasoning behind creating a relationship with Christ that is more personal than mere repetition of others' words and ideas, liberating ourselves from ancient spiritual practice removes pieces of Christianity that are sacred. For instance, most places of worship in the Protestant world either focus simply on the empty cross or no cross at all, rather emphasizing the importance of the resurrection and intimacy with God. I think, though, that being mindful of the Crucifixion and all that it means for us who believe is crucial to appreciating the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. Some of my favorite times of deep meditation have been exploring cathedrals and absorbing the wonder that is partnered in their outward expression of faith.

Kirsten Petermann, on her blog "Lattes & Rainy Days" has written a series on her conversion to Catholicism from Evangelical Christianity, that I find incredibly intriguing. Wander with her for a moment-or a few days. Definitely worth reflecting on her journey.


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