Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pondering "Fun"

I was digging through my 9 year-old's backpack this afternoon, when I came upon an unfinished Mother's Day card he had made for me at school. It was one of those pieces where he had to fill in a bunch of information about me- my favorite food, what I like to drink, my job, etc. While most of what he wrote was totally hilarious, I found myself a little disturbed by the fact that he had no answer for "what does your mother do for fun." Perhaps he thought there were so many things that he couldn't really narrow it down to just one, or maybe it is because he doesn't see me having much fun. In truth, I think I may not do an awful lot of anything for pleasure these days. I read- but it is almost always to garner information about some dysfunction or some parenting skill I'm lacking or how to lose one hundred pounds in five minutes without even trying. I see friends, which is life-saving, but usually I've got a kid hanging off of me or pulling my hair or whining. I garden but I'm mostly picking weeds that are causing some sort of OCD reaction that must be immediately rectified.

Tom told me yesterday, as he continues to read through my ADHD materials, that a common thread is to "do what you love and enjoy." He urged me to get a hobby, though I vehemently denied that this was a problem for me. Quite honestly, however,I think he might be right this time.

Fun? Hmmmmmmm...My children love playing kickball in the backyard. Anyone up for a game?


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