Friday, May 7, 2010

Andy Warhol and My Awesome Son

Today was the Third Grade Wax Museum at my kids' elementary school. Liam chose to portray Andy Warhol, several months ago, and we've been learning about the infamous Pittsburgh native ever since. Perhaps the most fascinating piece of information is that Andy's canvas "Eight Elvises" sold for $100 million dollars, a benchmark price matched only by Jackson Pollack, Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, and William de Kooning.

Last week we drove, as a family, to visit Mr. Warhol's grave, just a couple of miles from our home here in Mt. Lebanon, PA. We'd passed the humble cemetery a million times over the last four years and never had a clue he was buried there. Liam paid homage to him by wearing pieces of his costume and writing him a short letter, which he laid on his tombstone.

As Liam walked on stage this afternoon, I felt a surge of pride and immense joy, that my son, who has made amazing strides this year, academically, had the courage to so boldly represent such a charismatic yet extraordinary figure in the history of pop-culture. For several years, I have struggled to watch as my son fought against his dyspraxia to achieve success in both reading and spelling. While he has miles to go, and still requires the assistance of special education teachers, Liam soared today, with the confidence of a "normal" nine year old boy.

I kissed and hugged him alot, in public (apparently Andy Warhol adored his mother, so I thought this an appropriate gesture) and he didn't complain as much as usual. Quite a few of his friends and a couple of the neighborhood kids were in the museum as well. They all rocked but I couldn't take my eyes off my son. I love him so much.


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