Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Whirling Brain

I made my bed tonight- with crisp, newly laundered sheets...nothing makes me feel so cozy. Stacked up beside me are a bevvy of reading materials- I am so ADD people. We've got some decorating porn, which I just cannot get rid of, I'm afraid (tonight it is an old issue of Southern Living and "100 ideas Makeover Style"). There's also my heart's joy "Three Cups of Tea" which I am reading with fervor, though slowly (no, I never did finish The Friday Night Knitting Club and I may not get back to it....sigh). Then, the final straw folks, are you picturing me hiding shamefully behind my brown and silvery blue brocade pillow sham?.... "The Fat Flush Plan" which I am simply gazing at for motivation through osmosis. I don't actually believe that my fat will be flushed anywhere except down the drain at the surgeon's office whom I am going to hire for the ol' NIP/Tuck after Tom wins the lottery (I, myself, don't actually play those silly games so the chances of me winning would be zero, about a percentage point less than Tom's chance).

I love coming to the end of my day with a clean bed and the chance to read for a spell. It brings me such peace, like a meditation on my spirit's longing to grow and seek nutrients found only in the words of others. I am learning to honor this time, to enforce it really. Advocating for the needs of my soul- to be quiet and to ponder.

My minutes are here so I'm shutting the gates around me. Night Night Friends..


kirsten michelle said...

I can't even imagine how crazy your world must be. Yikes!! I'm glad you are able to get a few moments of peace (and hopefully sanity) at the end of the day.

Thinking of you...

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