Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scenes From The First Day Of School

Our big girl Lily, so grown-up, ready to make her debut as a middle-schooler. I am so proud to be her mother. Sixth grade will be fantastic.
Benjamin,or "Big Ben Roethlisberger Sombar" as he likes to be called these days, with his little brother Sethy.

Liam (yes he had a nose-bleed), Georgina Dinardo, Eva Gbur, Pudge Gbur, and Benjamin, posing before heading back to school.

The Walk To School, lookin' cool (i'm a poet).

Liam, a third-grader, horsing around before the bell rang, with his good buddies Clark and Quinn Mitchell.

Benjamin with Nick Estabrook, and other friends. Look out First Grade!!

Ben arrives at his desk to find his friend Shana Rose, whom he's known since kindergarten. I'm sure there will be new seat assignments any day now- let's just say they like to talk.

Liam with his new violin, at our favorite coffee shop, after-school. (no, his nose isn't still bleeding. it now has a scab, which, incidentally, i tried to coverup with some computer techniques, but it then looked as if he had a big blue booger coming out of his nostril so I've left it alone. something for the memory books).

Seth at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, where I took him once we'd gotten the big kids off to class. That shirt didn't stay white for long and we had a BLAST!


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