Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simon Says....Be Content

I took my three big kids to the pool this afternoon, while Sethy was napping and my husband was working from home. I can't say that I always feel motivated to get changed, remind everyone else A THOUSAND AND ONE TIMES to get changed, pack towels, snacks, water, membership cards, and pile in the car...actually I don't really ever feel motivated for that kind of suffering but I do it because it is summer, the sun is out, and I know it makes my children insanely happy.

So today, the four of us splashed into the water, carelessly making our way to the deeper end, and proceeded to play a variety of games, including an impromptu session of Simon Says. At one point, as we giggled together then huddled to keep the frostbite at bay (global warming has not hit the Pittsburgh area, apparently), I couldn't stop smiling thinking about how much I love these souls I'm raising, and how I am enjoying this summer with them so much.

On the way home we sang to the radio and hand-danced our way through the most ludicrous song I've ever heard ("Kiss me thru the phone.."), while eating candy we'd bought from the vending machines. Other than my gas tank resting snuggly on E, I was full to the brim with contentedness, something that escapes me most of the time, but about which I am trying to be more mindful.

Things are less than perfect- I could make a list a mile long of the areas in my life that need improvement...but I am coming to understand that being content is about accepting my life as it stands every moment that I live it, while working to carve out a path that feels kinder to the soles of my feet.


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