Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have strep and maybe pink-eye and I've been laying here today reading a new book and blogging. Despite feeling rather foul, I have to say how much I appreciate these hours of having nothing to do, or nothing expected of me. These are rare moments and I am cherishing them as I surf the web for nothing and everything at the same time. I happened upon this site while doing research for a book I'm interested in writing. I thought it was thought-provoking; sad; eye-opening.

Missy took my two youngest this morning, to help us out. She is one of those pure-bred Irish broads who doesn't take any mess from anybody and all four of my brood think she's a rockstar. I know she felt some hesitation when I asked her to babysit, but she claimed to have a good time, though she was quickly worn out by Benjamin, the whirling dervish. She made the mistake of playing tag with him and was amazed that he never wanted to stop...hmmmm....sounds familiar. She thinks Seth is an angel- which is good because I'll be calling her again sometime and I need her to have happy memories of this task. :)

Missy and her buddy Sethy


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