Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Quote From My Husband

Tom came barging into the bedroom last night, all aglow, saying "I just saw the most wonderful thing.....". (this coming from a man whose emotions tend to run very low-key/lukewarm/neutral). "I went to turn the light off in Liam's room because I thought he was asleep and I saw that he was reading a chapter book." And I thought for a minute that Tom might just break down and cry right there.

Liam playing his favorite game of Stratego, and yes, appearing to be ready to commit a horrible crime in the process

Liam is eight years old and for those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time, you know that these past few years have been very hard on Tom and I as parents, and on Liam as a student in the public school system. Liam is incredibly intelligent and exceptionally mature but does not perform, academically, at the standards set for "average" second-graders in our school district. After a tumultuous first-grade year, one I thought I personally would not survive, Liam was tested and FINALLY given an IEP, directing his elementary school to give him specialized reading support. This year has been mostly positive, with two teachers at the helm that are spectacular. At his conference last week, where I met with the principal, his special education teacher, and his classroom teacher, I lifted praise to the heavens that Liam was, at last, being guided by educators who truly understand him and appreciate him for his many strengths.

Tom and I see vast improvements in areas where Liam once appeared to be stumped and we are hoping, for his sake, that the prior years have not taken any permanent emotional toll on his core belief that he is a valuable and gifted member of our world.


L said...

so glad i stumbled on to your blog! i, too, go to the open door (with my boyfriend, ross), so it's really neat to see that you do, too. i'll be back to visit again soon! (and maybe i'll recognize you at the open door and come over to introduce myself!)

with love from pittsburgh...

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