Sunday, June 7, 2009


Benjamin, Liam, Lily, and our neighbor Eva, after we first got in line outside the store this morning.

Well, we did it, friends. My neighbor Hayley and her daughter Eva, along with Lily, Liam, Benjamin and I, arrived at our favorite grocery store at 10am and waited for FOUR HOURS to meet Duff Goldman from "Ace of Cakes." Hayley and I found ourselves giggling like teenagers (much to Lily and Eva's chagrin), waiting to meet him and get autographs. He was such a nice guy to the kids, signing the boy's shirts,
Eva's Pirates baseball cap, and Lily's baking apron. We also enjoyed listening to him talk some kitchen science concerning the best flours to use, and making icing (and how disgusting fondante tastes), as well as his trip to L.A. for the Harry Potter premiere and his time with Jon & Kate and the Gosselin children recently.

Shockingly, all the kids held up like troopers, even Ben whom I was sure would drop at any point and begin begging to leave. There were about a thousand people there today, I would guess, and we had a few close calls (like the old lady trying to run me over with her scooter, claiming we'd cut in front of her, only to have her pulled out of line because she had no ticket!), but all in all, in was a fun experience.

Our very patient but weary children, sitting on the frozen seafood, while Duff gave a talk on the difference between all-purpose flour, cake flour, and bread flour.

Lily trying to be heard during the Q & A portion of Duff's presentation. She didn't get picked but I was proud of her for raising her hand.

There he is- we finally get close enough to know the end is near when we are spitting distance away- luckily no one attempted to prove this by spitting though I am sure certain members of our party would have liked to try!

The kids getting their autographs. I was so happy for them.


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