Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fifth Grade Recognition

Our big girl Lily, all ready for the next phase of her life as a middle schooler. She's an incredible young lady and we are so proud of her!

Well, folks, here we are, nearing the end of the school year and that bitter-sweet good-bye to the elementary years for our daughter, Lily. On Friday, the parents and the kids got to go to the park, mid-day, and have a carnival of sorts, with a balloon bounce, cotton candy, popcorn, clowns, a handwriting analyst, rubber duck hunt, and the presentation of their "Class of '16" backpacks (gulp!). We all had such a good time. I especially enjoyed carousing with the other moms whom I have formed such wonderful friendships with over the years. Lily steered clear of me for the most part, especially as I carried on with the ladies during our handwriting analyses (which were all hilarious and frighteningly on-point).

Afterward, we went back to the school to watch the "slide show" (boo-hoo) and eat cake (Seth's favorite part).

I am so proud of Lily, all the fifth graders, and the parents who have made the end of this year so special for our kids.

Ben with his awesome bubble blower from the clowns, as Seth looks on and wishes he could participate (we knew he would inhale the soap instead so we passed on the opportunity).

One of Lily's first good friends in Pittsburgh, Kate Lehr, with her wonderful mom Sharon.

Some of the fifth grade girls getting their handwriting analyzed. This was so much fun for everyone!

Lily's friend Emma and her mom Kirsten. Lily and Emma did a joke routine for the talent show in 3rd grade, which was so great. Lily's been seen as a comedienne ever since.

Lily and her fabulous mother (ha!) I'm So excited for my #1 girl!

My friend Missy getting her handwriting analysis, which was both shocking and hilarious.

Seth taking a breather on the playground, digging in the mulch.

Lily and her friends Jenna (left) and Katie (right)with their rubber ducks from the hunt. Each fifth grader got to find and keep four, all of which were different.

The whole fifth grade class, with their new backpacks, getting ready to head back to school after a talk from Mr. Phillips

One of the cakes waiting for the kids when they returned to school, this one celebrating their move next door to the middle school.


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