Monday, June 1, 2009

Can't They Just Pull 'Em?!!!!!

Okay, friends. I had a root canal this morning, which was not the way I had expected my week to begin (it WAS NOT on my calendar for the day's events!). And to make it worse, they drilled through an existing CROWN (ahem....already paid the money for that, thank you very much) to do this very anxiety-provoking procedure. But this molar had been throbbing since Saturday so, frankly, I was just grateful to find an endodontist willing to take me in on an emergency basis- and then I was relieved to find that my dental insurance covered 80% of the $1000.00 experience (otherwise I may have been panhandling the blogosphere for spare change).

And can I just describe for you, very briefly, the various objects placed in my mouth for it to be drilled all to heck? Well, first it was the needle for the novacaine (ouch- i just kept remembering Benjamin's birth and the pain seemed not really all that bad....), then the clamp on the tooth, then the dental dam (which, for those of you either not alive in the early 90's or not educated on AIDS prevention techniques, as I was, just the mere mention of "dental dam" conjures up some rather inappropriate if not laughable illustrations of protecting oneself during, uh, how might I put this, "oral activities." I had to give a lecture on this as part of my "community health education" grade my senior year, so I'm well versed on the various prophylactic methods available for "safer sex."), then the bite guard for the opposing side of the mouth (thankfully relieving that horrible "jaw open too wide" ache that I have had, and nearly cried over, in previous dental nightmares), then the paper towel chained around my neck. I remember, at one point, reviewing some of my minister, BJ's, sermons of late, so that I didn't a) puke, and b) have a panic attack in the chair and freak everyone out (this is God talking "Judy, you are my child and with you I am well pleased"- over and over and over again).

My earthly father, in his usual comedic way, offered to refer me to a practice in Maryland where I could have dentures made for about $500.00. This I have considered. These pearly whites (or off-whites) have cost way more than I personally think they are worth. I believe that my husband may be seeing that point of view as well. Just ask him.


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