Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Fever- Near Perfect Day In The Burgh

I'm not sure that the rest of my brood would echo these thoughts, but I had a wonderful day- slept in a little due to a middle of the night waking after being prodded by my one year-old for an hour (I did some laundry, contemplated nonsensical things then returned to my crowded bed), then was dragged kicking and screaming to the front yard by my eager "get-er'-done" husband. He and I had discussed and agreed to an outside work-day last night, which we desperately needed, but was a lot more labor intensive then I had anticipated (silly me). I tend to romanticize my intimacy with mother-earth, then have an awakening that I moan and groan about once I'm told that I must clean sidewalks before I plant the flower beds. Hmph.

Well, luckily Tom has a much greater attention span than do I- we managed to have the front of our home looking much tidier by noon, at which point I jaunted over to the local nursery, narrowly escaping the trappings of all of the beautiful plants calling to me at every turn. My gardening urges are fierce but my budget is small, so I bought two gorgeous orange blanket flowers and three lambs ears and ran to the car, feeling the threat of divorce or death should I arrive home with even a seedling more (Tom, reading this post over my shoulder, just howled and reminded me that tonight, at the grocery store, I snuck two seed packets into the cart...) He is such a tortured soul.

After my darling husband rolled his eyes, Benjamin and I got to work and spent several hours planting today's treasures as well as some bulbs we'd purchased together the day before. Unable to resist my rampant OCD, I then weeded the hill in the backyard, feverishly, for an hour before my back began screaming in pain and I decided it wise to rest for the evening.

If neglecting my children were more p.c., I'd be covered in dirt from head to toe, frolicking amongst the hostas and my black-eyed-Susan buds all day and night. I am truly insane- but I love it.

Hooray for spring in Pittsburgh.


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