Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Spring Photographs

Benjamin and "E" (Elizabeth) twirling around the room to some oldies they were playing at Auntie Wendy's house.

Liam braved Disney World in March, succombing only one day to the intense pain of what we discovered upon our return, was a severe double ear infection.

The Sombar Children, Spring Break 2009. Liam beat us all at bowling and now aims to join a league.

Lily, so bravely giving her oral report on being a printer in colonial times. Her teacher pulled me aside as I entered the classroom, urging me to have Lily continue with any drama courses she'd been taking because she was "amazing" in her delivery. I just smiled. Lily's never taken any such classes but she is talented in so many things I've always wanted to be myself. I could not be more proud of this little girl.

Seth- April 2009

Tom and I have always marveled at the humanness of gorillas in the zoos where we have lived. When we were dating, we would stop by the Ape House at the National Zoo, quite often, and would spend a long time perched on a bench, together, just spying on these amazing creatures. I remember the first time we saw a mother and baby, shortly before we found out we were pregnant with Lily- there is no greater example of a mother's instinct than eyeing how a gorilla will carry her offspring and nurse them for the first several years of their lives, knowing exactly what they need, without prodding from humans. I took this photograph in April of this year, standing next to all four of my own babies. What a beautiful sight to behold!

I found Benjamin asleep in our livingroom, the other evening, hanging upside down like a bat. I couldn't stop laughing and was relieved to capture this with my camera before he moved.

This wonderful mourning dove has been perched atop one of the stone pillars on our front porch for weeks now. We watched, in amazement, as she and her mate worked in tandem to build the nest. He brings her food everyday - it is really sweet. We are all looking forward to seeing the babies once they hatch.

Seth, now almost two, after indulging in a cookie after dinner at our friends' house. He, like his brother Ben, is a full-contact eater.


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