Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There Must Not Be Oil In Darfur

Perhaps that is why we are spending trillions of dollars on a war in the Middle East while the atrocities continue on the continent of Africa.

I watched Mia Farrow on Larry King last night, speak of her impending hunger strike to draw attention to the devastation that continues to be ignored by the powers that be in the Western World.

What the hell are we doing friends, that human beings are left to die as we turn a blind eye and continue the status quo?

I need to get on the ball. Do you?

I am overwhelmed at the sight of these pictures and must fight the urge to turn away-wishing I didn't know that such suffering is happening on our watch. Back in the eighties, when musician Bob Geldof brought the plight of the starving in Ethiopia to pop culture, my friend Karen and I fasted for 24 hours- we were fourteen and it seemed like a good thing to do, joining Hollywood in a one-day hunger strike. We survived, of course, then there was LiveAid and all of its splendor.... we didn't hear much about Africa after that...at least I didn't. Twenty some years later and I'm troubled by my own inaction and am reminded of this great poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller:

How do I make a difference today and tomorrow?


whapper/Jing said...

thank you for the awareness of Dafur. What a horrible situation that part of the world is in :(.... countries need to send BIRTH CONTROL along with the bags of rice thats sent there!

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