Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When The Cat's Away......

the mice go to Giant Eagle, splurge on fun foods and juicy fruits, and picnic in the living room for dinner. This is a tradition that I've practiced since my hubby started traveling more often for his job. I take the kids to the store and let them choose one snack (something reasonable- I vetoed the fruit-roll-ups because of the food dyes and their tendency to make certain humans in this household a little manic), a fruit or veggie, and we spread blankets and have a yummy buffet when we get home. Tonight's culinary delights consisted of goldfish crackers (2 bags- one for Liam and one for Benjamin), ritz bitz for Lily, green apples for the three big kids, peaches too (I am such a push-over people- ha!), grapes and over-sized strawberries
for Seth (the berries were surely fertilized with some disease causing chemical but I caved because they looked soooooooooooooooo delicious). All of this makes my evening go a little smoother, single-parenting the four, and gives the kids something of a change of pace.

I truly hate when Tom goes away- I always find myself sort of anxious the morning he leaves, not knowing how things are going to go and whether I'll be able to get through the day without cracking. I lament rather often that I didn't sign up for this gig- the "business-trip widow" role, but in truth, I'm just thankful that my husband has a job that provides for our family. These are hard times for lots of Americans and I am grateful for the income, despite the hardships sometimes.

Now that we mice have played, I'm ready to curl up in my big bed, eat my "special treat" of a big leafy green salad with wild salmon and pecans, fold some laundry (the never-ending chore), watch American Idol ( I cannot help myself), and get some much needed sleep.


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