Thursday, March 19, 2009


Tom and I have always flown by the seat of our pants- all fourteen years we've been together now. For the most part, this has been a very positive characteristic of our relationship- our willingness to just head for the hills, with an eye toward some adventure or another.

The LEBO girls' basketball team is going to be in the finals at Penn State tomorrow and I'm trying very hard to resist the urge to just pile all the youngins in the van and follow this incredible group of young ladies to a win- but the reality is that my home needs attention, my children need to run around in the sun (which has FINALLY decided to make its presence known here in the Burgh) and my soul needs some peace. Right now there are blue and gold balloons lining the main street leading by the kids' school and at 3pm today there will be a big send-off parade, where all of the kids, teachers and parents will line the road and cheer on the bus carrying all of the high-school girls and their coach ( Liam's second grade teacher), Mrs. Oldaker. It is both exciting and moving to be a part of such a great community which supports its young people with such fervor.

Part of learning to live with ADD is understanding my tendency to wander and what I must say to myself in order to focus on the important things in my life at this time. Half of me says that having fun with my kids while supporting a local team is important- the other half says that making our house a more functional space so that I am more successful at my job is the #1 priority.

Ah- negotiations. I think I like the old Judy better.


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