Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drum Roll.....And His First Word Is.....

Well, as some of you readers may know by now- my children are on the slow boat of a variety of motor skills and speech. Seth, my one year-old, being no exception. So here we are, at twenty-one months, and his only utterance thus far has been "mama" or "dada"- your typical vocabulary for a baby. Well, today, folks, Sethy made his vocal debut......



Yep, people, my son decided that the most important thing he had to convey, in his life, right now, was "dirty." And he said it three times today: when I missed a spot wiping off his high chair, when we walked out our front door and he glimpsed under the table on our front porch (it is littered with a variety of natural clutter such as dead leaves, pine needles, dust, dirt), and when he spilled water on his shirt and was attempting to "clean" it with a towel.

Now, friends, I'm not sure what this concludes about me, but I've decided that it must be one of two things: 1) I have officially passed on the OCD gene to my poor toddler, who now finds his environment so disdainful that he must speak the actual word to let me know or 2) I'm not nearly as clean as I think that I am and I'd better get to work.

Ah, these moments do make you laugh.

Seth, cleaning the floors with the dust-buster, at seventeen months old, before he could even walk.


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