Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whipping It Out- The pleasure of being a boy

Mothering three boys is often a rather comical experience. Before having Liam, my first son, I hadn't a clue what to expect, being an only child and not having been around a lot of boys growing up (with the exception of the ones I was constantly kissing through the years). Well, I'm here to tell ya, friends, that the biological differences between the genders, specifically in the area of genitalia, is really rather unfair, us girls certainly requiring more time and patience in the bathroom department and most definetly performing all of our duties, so to speak, with a heck of a lot more dignity. A good example of this would be the latest stunt courtesy of my youngest child, Seth, who is now nineteen months old. The other night, after changing Sethy's diaper, my husband decided that actually finishing the job was more than he could take, so in walks the baby, naked with the exception of an unsnapped onesie (we do have heat in the house, luckily, as it was about 9 degrees at the time). Well, all of a sudden, Benjamin, my six year-old, who was sitting in a time-out in the foyer, begins squawking and laughing uncontrollably, falling headfirst off of the loveseat he was planted upon- he was ecstatic that he was witnessing his baby brother, whipping out his ding-dong and peeing all over the coats and snowpants littering the floor by the front door, then dancing with glee. Only a boy ....


KathyK said...

hey, Judy. i love your blog spot! and i can totally relate to a boy bringing a different kind of joy than a girl. Sean loves to run around without a diaper. The only way I can rediaper him is to put on "Wiggles" or to nurse him while i do it! Once he is barebottomed and before i can set up the rediapering, i keep repeating to him "NO PEE PEE!" Of course he thinks all of this is very amusing...

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