Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Normal Looks Like To Me....

Today, despite my husband leaving for a trip in the weeeeee hours of the morning (he woke me up at 3:30am), I am having a good day- which for me is not fireworks and candy bars (well, a candy bar might be nice), but normal living with my kids. After getting Lily and Liam fed and out the door for school, I read to Seth while Benjamin slept in for a bit (miracles never cease). Then we got ready (I actually showered, people, AND ate breakfast) and took off to the town next door for some great indoor play (a new toy store has opened here which has a fabulous space for kids to jump and swing and play house, and drive cars- all of which is American and European made equipment/toys with no lead- yipppeeee). Though it is a bit pricey ($10), it is worth it when you've been cooped up for so long that you forget you are not under house arrest. So we fiddled around for about an hour and a half then went to lunch, which we never do anymore. Panera Bread company serves excellent organic kids meals, along with salads and soups which I love- so we splurged and had ourselves some yummies- with no major catastrophes (other than grilled cheese bits on the floor and a couple of quarrels over who got the juice box and who got the smoothie). Then it was off to the library to renew some DVDs that I checked out FOR MYSELF and haven't had the time to watch (imagine that). I love the library. I could write a long post about my love for that place- really, friends, I need to just get on with that masters of library science and go surround myself with books for pay- I am that nutty. I walk in and just swoon at the sight of all those materials, free for the borrowing (though my propensity for late charges leaves our public library very well-funded indeed). So Ben and Seth chased one another through the stacks of the children's department then settled down to find some books they had to have (the big poster of Ben Roethlisberger on the back wall was quite a show-stopper, too). And with about one second to spare, we raced into school for kindergarten. For a bonus, as we were headed to the stairwell to escort Benjamin to his class, we saw Liam in the hallway with some other boys, practicing his math facts. Seth nearly leaped out of his pants with joy- turning to see that familiar and unexpected face greeting him so low to the ground. It was really fun to behold- Seth loves his brothers so dearly.

Now I am home, with some quiet time to myself- Seth is napping and I'm giddy to be alone with my thoughts, which are optimistic today.

Normal is so good. That is really all I want- nothing fancy or flashy- no more money or better cars or a bigger house- just normal.


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