Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Do John Wilkes Boothe and Boogers Have In Common?

Benjamin, my 6 year-old, is a constant source of comedy for me, in addition to sometimes being a real pain in the behind (I've mentioned that on here a time or two, right?). Today we ventured out, just the two of us, to return an item to a store that is about twenty minutes from our house. On the way, Ben starts telling me some of the interesting facts that he has gathered on George Washington. I, trying to participate in this conversation, asked him if he knew what dollar bill our first President was on and he very quickly and confidently said "the five dollar bill, Mommy." "Well, no...," I said "George Washington is on the one dollar bill, sweetie. The President who was REALLY tall, with a beard and a big, black hat, is on the five dollar bill." "Oh," Ben replied "you mean John Wilkes Boothe!!!" I nearly wrecked the car laughing- poor Abraham Lincoln, being mistaken for his assassin. Then, of course, we had to go into the very titillating conversation of just how Mr. Boothe shot Lincoln in the head and how that made Lincoln died. Yes, son, he's pretty dead....

There's also the thought that "wouldn't it be funny, Mommy, if everyone had a burger [booger] coming out of their nose that was the size of a boulder?"

These are the days when I feel really lucky to be a mommy.


Bonnie said...

You should tell Ben to talk to Josh- he just picked up MY book for bookclub (Manhunt, the 12 Day Hunt for Lincoln's Killer), and read it cover to cover and intends to go to MY bookclub meeting next week to discuss it- because they didn't tell him about this at school! Anyway, anything that Ben wants to know about JWB, tell him to ask Josh. He's got all the gory details about Lincolns death and the subsequent chase.....

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