Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Night Update

Well, folks, we're off and running here with our baking and freezing frenzy. The "we" would be my lovely 11 year-old daughter, Lily, and I. She volunteered to help at the last minute and has been a great kitchen buddy. She's made pizza dough, dough for dinner rolls, crumb cake, and an orange sour cream bread. Really, friends, I have bred the child well, apparently...So all in all, we have her loot in addition to my two batches of french toast (apple and blueberry), honey pork chops, lemon bread, and sour cream muffins, in the freezer tonight. Tomorrow will be a full-day of baking and freezing dinner entrees. It is a bit overwhelming but one of those delayed gratitude kind of missions where you know you'll be rockin' in the end. The hardest part, truly, has been not sampling the goods- the smell of all that bread baking is rather sadistic.

Financially speaking, this project has proven to be expensive on the front end. My trip to Costco and then the three hours I spent nearly bent over and collapsed in the aisles of Giant Eagle cost a fortune, even with my coupons (which were fun to plunk down at the end, by the way- a whole twenty bucks worth). But I am trusting that next month will prove lighter on the budget as much of what I had to purchase initially will go farther than this go around (i.e. spices- which are outrageous people).

I'm worn-out and will be going to plop myself in bed, shortly, to read many a chapter in my latest favorite book.

Good Night All.


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